Pérola do século 19 / 19th century pearl / Perle du 19eme siècle

Given the subject, I have decided to write this post in three languages – all of which are kinda relevant here. English and French versions below, although not direct translations.

Topei hoje com um post no Atlas Obscura que me divertiu muito. Acontece que, em 1884, Pedro Carolino, um português, resolveu escrever um livro de frases, desses de traduções rápidas, entre Português e Inglês. Trata-se d”O Novo Guia da Conversação em Portuguez e Inglez”. Pra entender a graça das traduções, é preciso saber um pouco de inglês: é possível que Carolino tenha feito, no fim do século 19, o que algumas pessoas fazem no Google Tradutor: traduzido entre três línguas diferentes, do Português para o Francês, e depois do Francês para o Inglês, sem ter domínio em nenhum dos idiomas.

A aberração final é quase ininteligível, mas lusófonos curiosos conseguirão entender a intenção por trás de algumas das traduções, como “With a tongue one go to Roma” (literalmente ‘com uma língua uma pessoa vai à Roma’).


É tão curioso e incomum que aparentemente o Mark Twain (aquele mesmo, do Tom Sawyer e do Huckleberry Finn) era tão fã que escreveu a introdução da segunda edição. Ele teria dito “Ninguém pode adicionar à absurdidades deste livro, ninguém pode imitá-lo, ninguém pode esperar duplicá-lo; é perfeito.” Continue reading “Pérola do século 19 / 19th century pearl / Perle du 19eme siècle”


The fence we walked between the years

“The fence we walked between the years, did balance us serene.
‘Twas a place half in the sky, where in the green of leaf, and promising of peach,
we’d reach our hand to touch, and almost touch the sky.
If we could reach and touch, we said,
‘twould teach us not to — never to — be dead.” (complete poem and link to a YouTube video where Ray recites it, at the bottom of the post)

I love this poem by Ray Bradbury, because of how it turns our gazes up. Up there is where we finally belong, where we should be pointing our efforts to. Up there may be waiting the response for so many different questions. Even if you don’t like “space talk”, there’s still so much our species can profit from that. As Cain Fraiser said, maybe we can move our factories plants to orbit, cleaning up the view and avoiding pollution. It doesn’t have to be another planet, perhaps our own Moon would suffice.

What about overpopulation? Speculatively, our planet has enough resources to provide all of only 2 billion people with the modern standards, land, food and so on. We are 7 billion, with 4 billion more expected for the next 40 years. Just a little over one generation henceforth. It’s a whole lot of people, and there are not enough resources for 11 billion to live well. Maybe some of us can move to orbit. Continue reading “The fence we walked between the years”


Ok, here I start

I’ve never written a diary. Never tried a blog either. But I have been gathering thoughts and thoughts, and I want to share them and challenge them and hear other peoples thoughts about them, and expand my own ideas with new ones. There is this great Brazilian cartoonist, Carlos Ruas, and this drawing from his awesome Um Sábado Qualquer summarizes the feelings I had behind this blog:11161

– I don’t need any more knowledge. I have my own truths.

I will write about anything and everything that calls my attention. I read a lot, and I have been trying to get up to speed with AI and the recent developments on technology. I speak English, Portuguese and some French, so I will be sharing posts on different languages. If time allows, I will translate them, but I will try to balance between them all.

Oh, and I want to post at least once a week. I’m looking forward to hear from you!